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'OEM' modules

Embedded Systems

Laser Gaging Systems

LCD Laser Beam Profiling

Vehicle Electronics

Dynamic Load Testing

ABS Brake Testing

Laser Positioning

Real-time Embedded Systems

Metrology Support

Portable Supplies

DSP Programming Microsystems Programming PCB Fabrication
Real-time OS VHDL / FPGA Process Control Sys. Graphics Solutions
Data Aquisition Systems EE Development Tools Video Aquisition Systems
Test Systems Analog Design Optical Systems EMI / RFI Solutions


DSP Programming Motorola Microsystems Intel Microsystems Analog Devices
Microprocessor 68HCxx / 683xx / 68xxx 80x1 / 80x86 / P1 / P2 ADSP 2xxx
Windows Win95 WinNT OS9 / OS68K
MS Dos / Rom Dos Linux Assembler RTOS