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We have Designed Specific Solutions in the following Categories :

Electronic Modules, Amplifiers, Filters, Counters, Timers, Power Supplies, Amplifier Modules, Filter Modules, Counter Modules,
Standard Amplifiers, Quadrature Interfaces, Power Amplifiers, PID Controllers, Timer Modules, Power Modules, Power Supply Modules,
Embedded Ethernet, Non Contact LASER Gaging, Gage Amplifiers, Interface Signal Conditioners, Electronic Signal Conditioners,
Ethernet Solutions, RS-485 Networks, RS-422, RS-232, GPIB, HPIB,
Optoelectronic Devices, USB Hubs, USB Products, LCD drivers,
Instrument Panels, Flat Panel drivers, Plasma Displays,
OEM products, OEM Euro Products, PAK Modules, DC Supplies,
DC-DC Converters, Precision Hybrids, Special Controllers,
Industry Pak's, Machine Vision, CCD Line Scan Camera,
Mittutoyo Interfaces, Keyboard Wedges, Software Components,
Software Programming, Hardware Programming, EMI Problems,
High Speed Video Acquisition, Amp, Measurement, Real-time Systems,
Windows Programming, Data Acquisition Systems, Orphaned Systems,
C, C++, Pascal, Assembler, Basic, 6805 / 68330, 8051, 80486,
PII, Pentium Systems, 68HC11, 68HC12, 68HC08, 8052, 8030, 8031,
6845, RFI Solutions, 68330, PIC Programming, PWM Amplifiers, PWM Drivers,
Euro Boards, Computer Boards, Flexible Circuitry, Flexible Boards,
VHDL, CUPL, Borland Pascal, Borland Delphi programming, AutoCAD,
C++ Programming Services, Real-time Programming, Embedded Systems,
Multi Axis Controls, Remote Control Devices, Motorola BDM, PIC Devices, Multi-Axis Controls,
Non-Contact Gaging, Laser Measurement Systems, Factory Automation,
OrCAD, Avocet C, Delphi programming, TurboPower Products,
Ultrasonic Gaging, Ultrasonic Networks, Neural Network Systems,
Optical Wheel Alignment Systems, WECO Optical Controllers,
Optical Systems, Strain Gage Amplifiers, Thermocouple Conditioner,
Linearization, Digital Scale to Analog Output, Analog Scale to Digital,
Multi layer Printed Circuit Boards, PCB SMD Design, PCB Design,
HTML Programming, LVDT Amplifiers, RVDT Amplifiers, Precision Amplifiers,
Consulting Services, Electronic Consulting Services, Terawatt Laser Beam Shaping, Automation Systems Inc., ASI Laser, ASI Laser Inc.,ASI Inc.,ASI Laser gaging systems,
High Speed Laser Gaging, Non Contact Gaging, EleCons, Strain Gage Instruments,Software Consultation, Management Solutions

HDL, Reconfigurable Hardware, Reprogrammable Hardware, FLASH EEprom, EEprom
CD-ROM Book Authoring, CD-ROM Training Tools, CD-ROM Projects, CNC Repairs,
Laser Repairs, Laser System Repairs, System Gremlins, System Ghosts,
System Anomalies, CCD Beam Shaping, Optical Systems, Ultrasonic Arrays,
Non Destructive Testing, Non Contact Testing,